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Welcome to HandyTek Heroes

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Elevate Your Home Living with Expert Repairs and Smart Solutions in Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area.

“If you’re looking for a high quality company with integrity, I highly recommend HandyTek!”

Christina Marsley

decades of experience across a variety of trades

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The best handyman service that you can trust

Are you tired of dealing with endless home repair tasks and dreaming of a smart home that simplifies your life? Look no further than HandyTek Heroes! Our team of extraordinary handymen and tech-savvy wizards are here to rescue you from the mundane and elevate your living experience to new heights.

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Supercharged Services for Every Home​

At HandyTek Heroes, we offer a jaw-dropping array of services that cover all your home repair and smart home desires. From quick fixes to mind-blowing smart home setups, we’ve got the skills and the tools to conquer any challenge. Our lineup of services includes

Heroic Home Repairs and Maintenance

From the tiniest annoyances to the most perplexing problems, our seasoned handymen will swoop in and save the day. They’ll tackle those leaky faucets, creaky doors, and everything in between, leaving your home in tip-top shape.

Epic Remodeling and Renovations

Ready to unleash your inner design maestro? Our team of experts will team up with you to create a home that’s straight out of your wildest dreams. Whether it’s a dazzling kitchen makeover or a bathroom revamp fit for royalty, we’ll make sure your vision becomes a reality.

Smart Home Wizardry

Brace yourself for a futuristic experience like no other. Our tech-savvy wizards specialize in transforming ordinary houses into intelligent havens of convenience. Imagine controlling your lights, thermostat, security system, and more with a single tap or simple word. It’s like having a personal home assistant at your beck and call!

Electrifying Plumbing & Electrical Services

When it comes to electricity and plumbing, there’s no room for shortcuts. Our shockingly skilled heroes will tackle those wiring conundrums and plumbing predicaments with lightning speed, ensuring your home remains safe and functional.

Our Services

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Perfect solution for all the handyman services

Choose HandyTek Heroes for reliable service, exceptional craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction guaranteed. Experience the difference today.

Our league of extraordinary professionals brings unrivaled expertise and years of experience to every project. We’re not just skilled; we’re downright superheroes of the trade. You can trust us to deliver jaw-dropping results every time.

At HandyTek Heroes, we’re not satisfied until you’re over the moon with joy. Your happiness is our superpower, and we go above and beyond to ensure your experience with us is nothing short of extraordinary. We’ll leave you with a smile that could light up the city!

We believe in honesty, fairness, and leaving no room for sneaky surprises. With HandyTek Heroes, what you see is what you get. We provide clear, detailed estimates before the work starts, so you can relax knowing there won’t be any unexpected plot twists in your bill.

Your time is precious, and we get that. When we make a commitment, we stick to it. Count on HandyTek Heroes to arrive on time, armed with our superhero tools, ready to tackle your project with lightning-fast precision. We save the day without sacrificing quality!

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